Did you know that paper notes and coins form only 3% of a nation’s money supply?

Did you know that there are now 200,000 unemployed graduates in Malaysia? Did you know that the main cause of this is the debt based banking system that we are practicing?

Did you know that 97% of a nation’s money supply are created by banks out of thin air?

Did you know that 80 billionaires own half of the planet’s wealth and 1 billion people lives on less than 1 USD per day?

Did you know that the current monetary system steals purchasing power from the poor making them poorer and the rich richer?

Did you know that debt based banking system whether Islamic or conventional, denies funding to the SME Sector, which creates 80% of jobs in any nation? 

Did you know that the number of people living in poverty increased by 100 million during a period when world income increased by 2.5% per annum

Did you know that Banks funds on average only 16% of the funding needs of SME’s of which Development Financial Institutions including Specialist SME banks, funds only 3% of SME needs!” “SME’s on average contributes 60% of a nation’s GDP”

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Keadaan Hutang Kerajaan – Membimbangkan Atau Tidak?

Di sebalik keterujaan pihak-pihak yang terlibat membuat persiapan untuk menghadapi pilihan raya yang ke-14, pelbagai isu telah dibangkitkan dan diketengahkan ke dalam masyarakat sebagai bahan kempen. Salah satu isu yang membuatkan ramai daripada kalangan rakyat keliru ialah isu `Hutang kerajaan’. Ini kerana pihak pembangkang sering menyatakan bahawa jumlah hutang kerajaan yang berjumlah RM685.1 billion pada bulan Jun 2017 adalah sangat tinggi dan mencerminkan keadaan kewangan kerajaan yang tenat. Tambahan pula jumlah hutang tersebut tidak mengambil kira hutang badan-badan yang berkait dengan kerajaan yang dijamin olehnya yang dilaporkan berjumlah RM217.37 billion.

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The problem is an unending increase in prices that steals away the purchasing power from our pockets. The price of food...

…that hurts the poor, students and almost all Malaysian households. Prices of homes that puts houses in the category of a luxury instead of a necessity, an item that can now only be owned by the few and by those with a legacy, or well to do parents instead of by everyone.

Prices of cars – what was the price of luxury cars in the past are now the prices of a basic car.

These prices are not compensated by a similar increase in salary and income; the prices increased in runaway fashion, while increases in salary and wages are pedantic and abysmal. We now have ‘sandwich families’ with grandpa, son and child in the same house, as the son can no longer afford to go out and buy a house.

In the city we have working homeless, young people working but wages too low they sleep homeless. We have students who eat only once a day, at 3 pm because they can only afford one meal a day. These are all the results of the theft of purchasing power done insidiously by our money system not understood by many, and not understood by those who can make changes.

Almost certainly retail based taxes add to the burden of the poor and to the burden of all but the message we are trying to pass is that this is a systemic problem- the problem exists because it is inbuilt in the money system we adopt, and retail taxes such as GST are just additional burdens, not the sole cause.

Those are the problem for people with jobs and income. We also have hundreds of thousands of unemployed graduates and youth, as in all countries throughout the world, courtesy of a unintelligent debt based banking system, and general gross miseducation at schools and universities.

A change in the monetary system will not only remove inflation, it will also remove unemployment, and will increase economic growth for the nation.

We can also be an example to be emulated throughout the world.

But we need you to hear us out and support us, and we need the powers that be to implement what we point out.

A journey of thousand miles begins with the first step.



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