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Islamic Gold Dinar: The Historical Standard

Lately, there have been questions on what the standards for gold dinar and silver dirham are. Since the dinar and dirham indeed formed the Shari’ah monetary standards from the time of the Prophet pbuh, our work can, therefore, only involve in the rediscovery of that classical standard. Henceforth no parties or organizations can come up with their own standards. Since the Islamic gold dinar did not come into existence until after about 50 years of the Prophet’s pbuh demise, it is obvious from history that the solidus of the Eastern Roman Byzantine Empire was the monetary basis for the Shari’ah. Hence the best way to determine the standard is to look at the definition given by its issuer, the Byzantine Empire. Coins unearthed by archeologist cannot be relied upon for this purpose because such coins generally suffer from wear and possible tempering like clipping etc. It was found that the actual historical standard for the dinar to be 4.5gm of pure gold and the dirham to be 3.15gm of pure silver. However, since the role of dinar is simply as a measure of value that depends on the gold-content and if zakat is based upon 1-year’s provision of foodstuff, then the 4.25gm dinar of pure gold and 2.975gm dirham of pure silver, as those circulated during the Prophet’s pbuh era, is also a standard.

Case for Gold Dinar Idea

I refer to the letter “Gold dinar impractical” (The Star, July 6) where Goh Hoe Hoe of Penang argued that the gold dinar initiative by the Kelantan government as impractical. From an economic reasoning this would be true so long the legal tender law stands. The paper notes would drive the gold and silver coins out of circulation, known as Gresham’s Law in economics. However given the current global monetary and economic crisis faced by the world, significantly due to the effects of the dollar and euro crises, it is worthwhile to give the gold dinar idea some consideration. The matter is not of the concept but rather how to implement it.

Our Objectives

Our Objectives To advocate an Islamic Monetary System. To educate society on the flaws of the current monetary and banking systems. To encourage society to lead a debt-free lifestyle. To establish alternative Islamic financial institutions To educate society on...


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Governments come and go but the rakyat is still burdened with high and ever-increasing food and cost of living prices. Why? Is it because incorrect economic policies are in place? The truth is there will be NO CHANGE until a country’s monetary system is changed.

This is the reality of life, governments must address and not ignore. And no, it is not impossible to change the monetary system; it can be done, step-by-step.

But first, let us understand how the monetary system permanently increases prices. Inflation occurs when too much money is produced chasing too few goods, or goods that do not increase in quantity as fast as the increase in the quantity of money.

So the solution must be to reduce the production of money or to make the volume of money increase at the same pace as the increase in goods and services.

That is fine if money is produced only by governments. But what if it is the private sector which is producing 95% of a country’s money and the government via its central bank is only producing 5%?!!!

This is the reality of life not understood by many. This is the situation in all countries in the world. Central Banks via currency notes and coins produced only on average 5% of a country’s money; banks create 95% of a nation’s money when they give out loans!

Yes, banks create new money when they give out loans. And this money is not in the form of currency notes and coins. They are in an online form being the numbers in your bank account which you make payment via chequebooks, online transfers, and ATM machines. These are the money banks create. And this phenomenon is conceded to, and confirmed, by the Bank of England, The Federal Reserve of the US and by the European Central Bank. To understand the process you may wish to visit our website at mmj.my or websites of similar NGOs throughout the world like Positive Money of the UK.

Now when banks produced money when they give out loans they really are concerned only with making profits; they are not concerned with the effects of their overproduction of money towards inflation for the nation.

Banks’ ability to create money is responsible for the inflation havoc suffered by the rakyat; unending rises in food and cost of living prices and bubble inflation in house prices. Banks happily make profits; the rakyat suffers silently.

So the time has come for the government to acknowledge this problem, and begin to change and reform the monetary system.

Movement for Monetary Justice, as a registered NGO with the Objective of Reforming the Monetary System, have practical solutions to solve this problem.

Please sign this Petition to support us and to request the Government to commence discussions on Reform on the Monetary System in order to solve the problem of persistent increases in the cost of living most unfairly burdened on the rakyat.


Movement for Monetary Justice/ Pertubuhan Gerakan Keadilan Monetari

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Tandatangan Petisyen Ini

Kerajaan datang dan pergi tetapi rakyat tetap dibebani dengan kenaikan harga makanan dan kos kehidupan yang tinggi dan terus meningkat. Mengapa? Adakah kerana dasar-dasar ekonomi yang tidak betul? Sebenarnya TIDAK AKAN ADA PERUBAHAN sehingga Sistem Monetari negara diubah.

Ini adalah realiti yang kerajaan harus hadapi dan tidak mengabaikan. Dan bukanlah mustahil untuk menukar sistem monetari; ia boleh dilakukan, langkah demi langkah.

Tetapi terlebih dahulu marilah kita faham bagaimana sistem monetari menaikkan harga secara kekal. Inflasi berlaku apabila terlalu banyak wang yang dihasilkan mengejar terlalu sedikit barang, atau barang-barang yang tidak meningkatkan didalam kuantiti secepat peningkatan jumlah wang.

Oleh itu, penyelesaiannya adalah untuk mengurangkan pengeluaran wang, atau membuat jumlah wang meningkat pada kadar yang sama dengan kenaikan barangan dan perkhidmatan.

Mudah dilaksanakan seandainya wang hanya dihasilkan oleh kerajaan. Tetapi bagaimana jika sektor swasta yang menghasilkan 95% daripada wang negara dan kerajaan melalui bank pusatnya hanya menghasilkan 5%? !!!

Inilah realiti kehidupan yang tidak difahami ramai. Inilah keadaan di semua negara di dunia. Bank Pusat menerusi mata wang kertas dan duit syiling hanya menghasilkan 5% purata wang negara; bank-bank mencipta 95% wang negara apabila mereka memberi pinjaman!

Ya bank mencipta wang baru apabila mereka memberi pinjaman. Dan wang ini bukan dalam bentuk mata wang kertas dan duit syiling. Ia dalam bentuk dalam talian atau online yakni nombor-nombor dalam akaun bank anda yang anda guna untuk membuat pembayaran melalui buku cek, pindahan dalam talian dan mesin ATM. Ini adalah wang yang dicipta oleh bank-bank. Dan fenomena ini diakui, dan disahkan, oleh Bank of England, Federal Reserve AS dan oleh Bank Pusat Eropah. Untuk memahami proses ini, anda dijemput melawat laman web kami di mmj.my atau laman web NGO yang seangkatan di seluruh dunia seperti Positive Money UK.

Apabila bank menghasilkan wang apabila mereka memberikan pinjaman mereka hanya peduli keuntungan mereka; mereka tidak ambil kira kesan daripada pengeluaran terlalu banyak wang ke arah inflasi bagi negara.

Keupayaan bank-bank untuk mencipta wang adalah punca masaalah inflasi yang ditanggung oleh rakyat; lonjakan harga makanan dan kos harga hidup dan inflasi gelembung harga rumah. Bank-bank mengaut keuntungan; rakyat menderita dalam senyap.

Jadi sudah tiba masanya untuk kerajaan akui masalah ini, dan mula mengubah dan mereformasikan sistem monetari Negara.

Pertubuhan Gerakan Keadilan Monetari, sebagai NGO yang berdaftar dengan Objektif Mereformasikan Sistem Monetari, memilikki penyelesaian penyelesaian praktikal untuk menangani masalah ini tetapi hasrat kami untuk menjelas kepada kepada kerajaan tidak kesampaian.

Sila senaraikan nama anda diPetisyen ini sebagai tanda menyokong kami dan meminta Kerajaan untuk memulakan perbincangan mengenai Pembaharuan/ Reformasi Sistem Monetari Negara untuk menyelesaikan masalah peningkatan kos sara hidup yang sedang ditanggung sengsara oleh rakyat.


Pertubuhan Gerakan Keadilan Monetari/Movement for Monetary Justice

Tandatangan Petisyen Ini