“Did you know that paper notes and coins form only 3% of a nation’s money supply?”

“Did you know that 97% of a nation’s money supply are created by banks out of thin air?”

“Did you know that the current monetary system steals purchasing power of the poor, making the poor poorer and the rich richer?!”

“Did you know there are now 200,000 unemployed graduates in Malaysia?” “Did you know that the main cause of this, is the debt based banking system that we are practising?!”

“Debt based banking system whether Islamic or conventional, denies funding to the SME Sector, which creates 80% of jobs in any nation” ” Banks funds on average only 16% of the funding needs of SME’s of which Development Financial Institutions including Specialist SME banks, funds only 3% of SME needs!” “SME’s on average contributes 60% of a nation’s GDP”

“80 billionaires own half the planet”s wealth!”

“1 billion people lives on less than USD1 per day”

“The number of people living in poverty increases by 100 million during a period when world income increases by 2.5% per annum!”

Source: realmoney.com.my