Inaugural Seminar By Movement for Monetary Justice. Block the date. Dedicated line up of speakers.

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Synopsys of Seminar
Unbeknownst to the world we have been living under a fraudulent and destructive monetary system that appears to modernized the world but at a human cost and suffering untold and unsung to many. A system that enriches the rich and impoverishes the poor not only at the international but also at the national level. Combined with a debt based banking system it steals from the poor to enrich the rich.

At the international level Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz noted that over the last decade of the 20th century, the actual number of people living in poverty has actually increased by almost 100 million. This occurred at the same time that total world income has actually increased by an average of 2.5% p.a. At the national level we witness permanent inflation stealing the purchasing power of the poor making it increasingly difficult for them just to feed their families. Evidencing this plight is the phenomenon of the working homeless that we now witness in the city today.

The current monetary system also ensures houses is now in the category of a luxury, ordinary people cannot afford. All these are the result of a monetary system we had no say in setting. A Monetary System based on debt and usury that earns a declaration of war from Allah swt and His Rasul (Surah AlBaqarah Ayat 279)

This Seminar attempts to redress the situation and highlight the fact we have an alternative monetary system that we can implement to correct the wrongs of the current system, as a savior to the unspoken plight of the poor in humanity.

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