Movement for Monetary Justice, Malaysia lauds the call by our Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir in Tokyo today that the East Asia Group of Countries creates a new currency pegged against gold to settle international settlements. The move is long overdue to tip the scale of justice in favour of much of the suffering world. We have lived too long besieged under a fraudulent choice for an international currency. Whatever justification that can be argued for USD to be the ruling international currency post Bretton Woods, have been shredded by the ubiquitous call of President Nixon to de-peg the USD from gold in 1971. Prompted itself then by the fraudulent printing of USD to fund the Vietnam war. In 1971 the world should have wisened to a new more justified international currency but with reckless disregard the world continued to accept the USD as its international currency. A shaky and unjust structure for each nation to peg their currency against a currency that is pegged against nothing, and which is being overproduced with gay abundance. The US now has USD22 trillion debt increasing at a rate of USD1 trillion a year being printed at a reckless rate of USD200 billion per month. And it is for these dubious green pieces of paper that Malaysia gives up its palm oil and the world gives up its hard-earned natural and produced resources. And these green pieces of paper are printed and lent with interest by a US Central Bank which is not owned by the US Govt, but by private banking interests known to be key supporters of the Zionist cause. Movement for Monetary Justice lauds the brave call by our Statesman in Tokyo. We stand ready to provide any and all assistance the Govt require to implement this noble cause.

And while we urge the govt on this new international settlement we also urge the govt to consider a monetary reform on the domestic front. It can be done without much disruption on existing systems, but it will solve dogged inflation that’s impinging ruthlessly on the rakyat; and we suggest Malaysia can even provide free education to its young citizens which seems to be the prime concern of many presently. No doubt the currency has to be pegged against ‘ain or intrinsic value to prevent runaway money creation. Again as we reiterated in our Press Statement before, we have the comprehensive proposal to assist the govt with a solution that is just and will much ease the sufferings of the rakyat.

Movement for Monetary Justice/ Pertubuhan Gerakan Keadilan Monetari

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